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HARLEY SHOP TALK - Code of Conduct

(1) Respect This Site

just like when you're at your mama's house, there's no spitting on the floor or tracking dog crap through the living room allowed. keep your dirty laundry outta the house and mind your manners, or you'll be asked to leave and visit on another day when you can mind yourself better. in short, if you can't respect this place, you aren't welcomed. likewise, if you can't respect yourself or the other members, you're not respecting this site and you'll be asked to leave and visit on another day.

(2) Respect The Other Members
respect is a two-way street and since we're not in the business of teaching how to respect one's self or other members, we'll just step in and ask you to leave and visit on another day. if you don't know what we're talking about, that's fine - we aren't going to waste the time trying to teach you, we'll just ask you to leave for the day. don't go away mad or confused, just go away knowing you did something disrespectful and you can come back to visit on another day.

(3) Enjoy This Site And All It Has To Offer
we come here for the same reasons - we love our Harleys and wanna talk about them and share our stories and problems with likeminded people and with similar experiences. new members will come to do the same, and will ask questions about their bikes, riding, etc. - it is our collective responsibility as fellow members to help them out no matter how arcane you may personally feel the question may be (or now many times it may have been asked in the past). established members will ask questions, too - just remember we've all asked questions before, and before you're disrespectful, remember that you had to learn, too. like some wise old sage once said, "there is no such thing as a dumb question save for the one that went unasked". if you just can't seem to keep your disgust for the question to yourself, you're being disrespectful of the other member and the site in general; if you've forgotten what those things are, re-read #'s 1 & 2.

(4) Members Must Be An Adult (18 Years Or Older)
this one's a no-brainer. we figure if you're old enough to die for your country, you're old enough to talk about Harleys and share in our goings on. notice we've said nothing about your having to own a Harley - hell, most of us have all been there (scraping to get by, struggling to survive and trying to save for the bike we really want), so we won't disparage if you don't own a Harley, or even if you don't have a bike at all. but for fairness sake, those that aren't currently in the possession of a harley should remember that fact. if you don't, you're disrespecting the site and the other members; if you've forgotten what those things are, re-read #'s 1 & 2.

(5) You Should Expect To See and Read Things Normally Seen and Heard at a Bike Event
pictures and links to other sites/pictures on the main forums will not be any more explicit than what's commonly referred to as T&A. this means that HARD CORE nudity (partial, see-through, drawn, rendered or otherwise) will be deemed inappropriate and will be moved to the Back Alley without explanation - unless it is buried in a thread (in that instance it will simply be deleted). respect the entire membership and place a NSFW warning in the main or sub-title for links with this kind of content. if you don't agree with a picture or link being moved or deleted, that's your right - but keep it to yourself, because it was disrespectful to the board to post it out front in the first place. the Back Alley forum (a wide open, request-only access forum) provides an outlet for pictures other than T&A - and almost regardless of the content. however, if a picture ever makes it back there that is so over the top that it must be eliminated, it will be fully explained why.
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